General Questions

This website deals mainly in digital goods. Meaning you will be getting downloads, not a physical product. However, in the case that a gimmick is required or requested or a physical DVD is sent, then shipping charges will be calculated to your zip code. We will ship internationally; however, there will be an increased cost for shipping.

After purchase you will get a download link. This link expires in 7 days. So make sure to download the video to a computer or USB drive.

Make sure to keep your emails & receipts. I understand that files can be lost and hard drives formatted or corrupted. Send me the receipt for what you ordered so I can verify the purchase and I'll send you over a new link! If you cannot provide a receipt or I cannot verify the purchase, I cannot send you the content. Thank you for understanding.

Since my business deals in secrets and knowledge, products cannot be returned once delivered. If a cancellation has been made to a physical product BEFORE being shipped, then I will cancel the order. If your item is broken, damaged, or you are having issues with the download, please contact me here and I will replace your item.

If you have any problem with an order or product from this store, please contact me directly using this e-mail

Please email any questions or concerns you may have to Brian at