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I have studied magic for many years now, and I am always looking for new techniques, fresh ideas and creative minds. "The Magician's Arsenal" DVD delivered "BIG TIME"! What impressed me the most was how Brian showed that you need to adapt to your atmosphere. So many videos say do this, say that. He presents his magic in an entertaining way and sometimes he seems to amaze himself. Very happy with the underground feel, and the navigation on the disc. His "revolver pass" is very versatile and the "spring double" is very convincing. Buy this if you're looking to enhance your tricks and also if you're looking to add some material (as almost all of it is impromptu magic!). -Thanks, Bruce.
Anthony B.Magician
I would like to thank Brian for sharing his magic with the world, I bought all his DVDs and his magic is great. I also want to say that the free shipping is fast real fast. I had a minor problem with the card stab trick on the DVD and Brian sent me the link the next day. Wow, talk about super fast customer service!! Buy, buy, buy, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended. -Anthony B.
Richard ThompsonMagician
Hi, I would like to thank Brian for an excellent video!!! I’ve never been all that great at getting a good double lift that looked natural, but after him teaching a few various ones, I picked one that works for me perfectly every time!!! All of the effects are awesome and nicely explained with good camera angles. "stab through card" alone is worth the price of the DVD, even if u know all the other tricks like the back of your hand, this alone is worth the price for all you get on this DVD!!! I shop at many online magic stores, i.e. Penguin Magic, Ellusionist etc, and I have some great DVDs and books, but I’d have to say that Brian’s DVD is in the top 3 for sure, well, top 2 lol. Thanks Brian!!! -Richard Thompson
Andrew O'MalleyMagician
Brian, Here is my review of your DVD's I ordered. There are a lot of tricks on these two DVD's and all for only $20 a piece. It's an extremely generous deal for what he reveals. The tricks are good too. He just didn't put a bunch of fillers on this and peddle it. The card stab alone will blow you away. He is very thorough in his explanations and gives a lot of helpful tips at the beginning so you know what you'll need to do in order to pull off the effects. I also have an ancient DVD player and needed him to convert the DVD's to VHS. He was happy to do it and even threw in a few bonuses for me. What customer service!! I'm definitely looking forward to any more products that Brian will offer because in my mind these were a steal! Highly recommended. -Andrew O'Malley
Edward K.Magician
Hey thanx you are real cool. I also think you are a great inventor. You amaze me. As a veteran in magic I think that u could be the next Steve Fearson. The tricks that really stood out the most were...Disappearing Kings, Sign Fuze, Card Stab, ROUND OF DRINKS, and Impossible Outcome. You have a gift. Don’t let that go. Keep inventing. You will be huge one day. -Sincerely, Edward K.
Scott OrlandoMagician
Here is my review for the Top Secret DVD. First off, I am an advance card magician and got a lot out of the DVD. But if you are a beginner, you should have no problem with learning these tricks cause they are all taught well. There is something for everyone. I bought all three DVDs on the site, and this is the first one I watched. I think this is a must have, if you like the downloads that you get to watch on the site, then this DVD is for you. -Scott Orlando.
Dear Brian, Your DVD and CD are simply fantastic.Your routines are great and your technique is wonderful.BRAVO!!! Please let me know when you will release other stuff! -Best/Fabio
King L.Magician
Hey man, I'm a pretty accomplished cardician but that card stab really has me stumped! Awesome Job! -King L.
I just wanted to say, how do you come up with these amazing moves? I envy you. I tried to figure out your new Shimmy control by watching the video over and over but just can't figure it out. My two thumbs up to you. Again, thanks for showing your amazing sleight of hand. -Philip.
Ash JacksonMagician
I originally ordered Brian’s DVD because I saw his demo of “Card Stab” and I was blown away. I am so glad I bought it because it has so much more great stuff on it. My order was shipped very quickly and it only took around 4 days to get to me, and I’m in Australia. The quality was pretty good even though it isn’t filmed with expensive equipment like a major production, but to tell you the truth I really like the feel and atmosphere of the product. My final verdict… It’s a total thumbs up! One of the best investments in magic I’ve made, and I have a lot of tapes and books, so that’s saying a lot. -Ash Jackson

Send a testimonial or review a product below.